What Tests Can Be Understood by Diabetes?

What Tests Can Be Understood by Diabetes

The fear of diabetes occurs to many people after the age of 50.

How Is Diabetes Diagnosed?

In diagnosing diabetes, the most common fasting blood sugar test makes. Fasting for eight hours and a measured blood glucose level of more than 120 mg / dl is considered to be a possibility of diabetes.

This test is not enough, it is useful to repeat it again. If the repeated test gives the same result, the person being tested, has diabetes gives the result.

It is also important to know the “postprandial blood sugar” value in order to definitively diagnose it. The high level of postprandial sugar of the disease is important for early diagnosis. If the blood glucose value is above 200 mg / dl at the end of the second hour during the time period from the beginning of the meal, the person being tested will It means he has diabetes

In results where fasting blood glucose is between 90-120 and postprandial blood glucose is between 140-199 mg / dl, there is a hidden diabetes.

With Which Tests Is Diabetes Determined?

To diagnose diabetes earlier, To confirm the diagnosis, especially for people who are thought to have latent diabetes “Sugar loading test” makes. In this test, 75 grams of sugary water is drunk on an empty stomach in the morning after 10-12 hours of fasting and blood glucose values ​​are measured by looking at the blood sugar two hours later.

If, after two hours, the blood glucose level rises above 200 mg / dl, the tested person is considered to have diabetes.

There are also other special tests used to diagnose diabetes. These tests are performed only by internal medicine and endocrinology doctors. This test does not pose any risk and is a safe test.

The presence of one or more of the problems such as high blood pressure, fatty liver, low good cholesterol, excess uric acid and high triglycerides may indicate that there will be a diabetes disease that may occur in the future, especially in people who get fat from the belly and abdomen.

Those who have high blood sugar during pregnancy, those with a history of diabetes in their first degree relatives and those with polycystic ovarian disease should be careful about diabetes.

Diabetes, People with risk factors are recommended to have a blood glucose test every 3 years. If there is latent diabetes, it is appropriate to test 2-1 times a year to detect Type 2 diabetes.

Home Diabetes Test

It provides easy and inexpensive glycemia control for the person with diabetes to do self-monitoring at home. In conjunction with diet, exercise and blood sugar levels, it helps the patient’s education, reduces hospital stay and enables a more comfortable life. Monitoring glycemia at home reduces the cost of follow-up and treatment of diabetes in the short and long term.

Diabetic patients who do self-control at home can monitor their blood sugar with the help of glucose meters.
There are various measuring devices and a specific strip or cartridge is used for each instrument. Although they are similar, different operating instructions are available for each tool.





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