What Tests Can Be Understood by Diabetes?

What Tests Can Be Understood by Diabetes

Fear of diabetes starts to occur to many people after the age of 50. In such cases, the question of “how to diagnose” comes to mind.


Fasting blood glucose review is the most widely used test for the diagnosis of diabetes. If the blood glucose level measured after eight hours of starvation is greater than 120 mg/dl, there is a possibility of diabetes.

It is not satisfied with this test, it is useful to repeat it again. If it gives the same result in repeated tests, this finding results in diabetes in the person who underwent the test.

It is also important to know the value of “satiety blood sugar” in order to diagnose it definitively. The high satiety sugar of the disease is a very important criterion for early diagnosis. If the blood glucose value is above 200 mg/dl at the end of the second hour, during the period of time after the start of the meal, this means that the person has diabetes.

Fasting blood sugar is 90-120, satiety blood sugar is between 140-199 mg/dl in the results of hidden diabetes.


In order to diagnose diabetes earlier, a “sugar loading test” is performed, especially for people who are thought to have hidden diabetes. This test takes 75 grams of sugary water to an empty stomach in the morning after 10-12 hours of starvation, and two hours later, blood sugar levels are measured by taking care of blood sugar.

If the blood glucose value is above 200 mg/dl in the second hour, it is concluded that the testperson has diabetes.

There are also other specific tests used to diagnose diabetes. These tests are performed only by internal medicine and endocrinology doctors. this is a safe test, there is no risk in this process.


There are tests to determine the level of sugar in the blood to detect diabetes. These are different tests such as fasting blood glucose test, satiety blood glucose test, HbA1c test, urine test, self-sugar measurement. Glucose levels and insulin resistance in the blood are investigated.

Blood pressure rise, liver fat, good cholesterol low, uric acid excess and triglyceride height, especially people who are fattening from the umbilical abdomen, a sugar that may arise in the future it could indicate that he’s going to have a disease.

Those with high blood sugar during pregnancy, those with a history of diabetes near the first degree and those with polycystic ovary disease should be careful about diabetes.

People with diabetes risk factors are advised to take a blood sugar test every 3 years. If there is hidden diabetes, it is appropriate to test 1-2 times each year to detect Type 2 diabetes.

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