Home Serum Insertion Service

serum at home

The purpose of home serum insertion treatment, to provide complete care and treatment in a home environment without the need for the patient to go to the hospital. It is the process of applying the serum applications required by the patient into the vein through catheter.

Some Treatments That Can Be Done At Home Serum Insertion Service 

  • In patients who are not fed orally, enteral and parenteral nutrition treatments,
  • In case of infection, antibiotic treatments,
  • In case of postoperative pain,
  • In case of electrolyte imbalance due to diseases, when metabolic balance must be restored,
  • In chemotherapy treatments,
  • In cardiac treatments.

Important Points in Home Serum Insertion Service

Inserting serum at home and during drug administration, patients may develop allergic reactions to the drug. The home care nurse is responsible for monitoring the changes that may occur in the patient and to intervene immediately. Conditions to be considered;

  • It should question whether the patient has an allergic reaction to the fluid and medication to be used.
  • Before medication and fluids are installed, their deadlines should be checked.
  • He must be sure that the vascular access is safe.
  • If there is swelling, redness and pain on the vascular access, the vascular access should be changed immediately.
  • The format in which the drug will be administered should be well known by the home care nurse and attention should be paid to the correct application.
  • It is necessary not to leave the house before the serum application is completed.

Home Serum Insertion Fee

Home serum insertion fee, It may be more appropriate considering the expenses incurred by those who have to go to the hospital continuously. When a calculation is made, going to and from the hospital continuously is a loss in terms of both budget and time. It seems more appropriate to receive home healthcare.

What is Serum Insertion?

It is the procedure of intravenous administration of the required drug applications through a catheter for the treatment of the diagnosed disease.

Serum insertion procedures, which are frequently applied to hospitalized patients, are also applied to patients who want to continue their home treatment in accordance with the doctor's prescription.

Home Serum Insertion Service

Placing serum at home, which is among the nursing practices of Nefes home care center, provides intravenous (intravenous) antibiotics, other drugs, intravenous feeding of patients who cannot be taken orally, and patients who need intravenous feeding and fluid therapy receive their treatment at home comfort.

At home serum insertion service goal, To ensure that patients receive the necessary medication in their home environment without the need to go to hospitals or other health centers. Serum insertion service at home, It shortens the treatment period of the sick person and provides time for the relatives of the patient.

Serum Insertion Procedure

The process of applying the serum needed to treat the diagnosed disease directly into the vein through a catheter is called the serum insertion procedure.

Serum insertion, which is frequently applied to hospitalized patients, is applied for patients who want to continue treatment at home, if there is a physician's prescription.

Serum Insertion Service at Home

Serum insertion service at home, It is carried out by specialized home care nurses who are graduated from nursing and equivalent schools. Nurses who are licensed by the Ministry of Health, who are home care and health service workers, come to the homes of patients who have a doctor's prescription and perform the necessary application.

Private Nurse Prices at Home

The wages of private home care nurses licensed by the Ministry of Health vary according to the criteria, and the average 12-hour home care nurse wage varies between 400 TL and 700 TL.


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