Private Home Health Services

private home health services

Home care, which is one of the health services that can be applied at home, changes the lives of many people. Private home health services within Home care support is provided to those in need by the state, municipalities, non-governmental organizations and private hospitals..

Private home health services its existence, details or fees are not yet known as much as other healthcare services. The number of people in need of home care is increasing day by day and the number of curiosity and awareness increases accordingly. Chronic diseases that increase with aging, ever-increasing cancer cases and the number of physically disabled people, whose numbers are constantly increasing every year, the home health services in Turkey has brought it to an important position.

Home Health Services for the Elderly

The patient needs health or social services depending on his disability or his inability to provide his own care only due to age.

Official government institutions, non-governmental organizations, families, neighbors, community organizations and institutions provide home care services to elderly people in need.

The state will provide home health services to people in need of care because they are very old. No price will be charged for this.

There are no criteria for receiving home healthcare services for the elderly. Just calling 444 38 33 is enough.

Home Health Services

Home health care It aims to provide service in the patient's own home environment with a team of experts experienced in all health services that people need and to increase the quality of life of the person receiving the service.

Home Health Services Phone

The patient or patient's relative, or other persons can call 444 38 33, provide the necessary information and benefit from home healthcare.

If the patients who will be discharged from the hospital will need home care service, they are reported to the coordination center by the treating physician. According to the results of the preliminary assessment, the coordination center assigns the unit or family physician it deems appropriate to provide home health care.

Ministry of Health Home Care Services Contact 

For the Ministry of Health home care services application, the patient, relatives or other persons call 444 38 33 or fill out the Home Health Service Application Form to the provincial coordination center.

The coordination center, as a result of the preliminary assessment, assigns the appropriate unit or the family doctor where the patient is registered.

Home Health Services Telephone Number

Citizens who want to receive home healthcare services will make their applications by calling 444 38 33.

Big City Home Health Services

Istanbul Big City Home Health Services; It aims to provide health services at home to sick, needy, disabled and elderly people living in Istanbul but in poor financial situations.

It is stated that the purpose of home healthcare is to improve the social conditions of people and thus to protect their physical, mental and social health.

Ministry of Health Home Care Services

The scope of home health services of the Ministry of Health;

  1. Providing home examination, analysis, examination, medical care and rehabilitation services within the frame of diagnosis and treatment given to the patient.
  2. Prescribing drugs documented by a health report.
  3. Giving information about the duties to be performed by the patient and his family in the home care process, and the disease and care processes.
  4. Helping to issue reports on the use of medical devices and medical equipment.
  5. Educating the patient about the medical devices he / she should use at home.
  6. Transport of the patient to the health institution or from the health institution to home when necessary.

Home Health Service

Private home healthcare service, It is the provision of health services needed by bedridden patients in a home environment for the follow-up of a chronic disease. It is the provision of medical care and treatment to the diagnosed patient rather than diagnosing the patient.

153 Home Health Care

Istanbul Municipality home health services; It has chosen to provide health services at home to socially disadvantaged people, who are in need of care, sick, disabled and elderly people living in Istanbul.

The purpose of home healthcare services is to improve the social conditions of people and thus protect the physical, mental and social health of the society. As healthcare services take patients to their homes, there are benefits such as preventing backlogs in hospitals and reducing the length of stay.

To benefit from home health services; It is necessary to apply to the home health service phone line number 153 or to make a request by filling out the home health application form on the internet address.

Home Health Service for Bedridden Patients

With the provision of home healthcare services for bedridden patients, it has become possible to have their medicines printed without going to the hospital. Patients in need of home care will be able to apply for home healthcare services and have their treatments and medicines printed.

Ministry of Health Bedridden Patient Care

In terms of bedridden patient care of the Ministry of Health, the removed home care health service is a very appropriate decision. It is very difficult for a serious patient to go to the hospital frequently or to move from one place to another. For this reason, checking at home is a great service for patients and their relatives.

Health Service for Hospitalized Patients

Private hospitals other than public hospitals provide health services for inpatients. They offer a quality life opportunity for the elderly and people in need of care who want to continue their treatment at home. Home care services are provided at the highest standards in the patient's environment and without disturbing the daily life.Private home health services, It is more suitable for patients with good financial situation.

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