Home Dressing Service

home dressing service

Home health care and home dressing service There are no criteria for taking it. This service is provided to everyone who applies. It is not necessary to apply to a government agency to benefit from this. Calling 444 3 833 is enough.

Information given by phone

Identity number, city and district information and open address of the sick person are taken on the phone. The elderly patient himself or his relatives who call the phone learn how the care will be.

The information of the elderly person is reported to the coordination center in the province. Considering the condition of the sick person as a result of the preliminary assessment, the coordination center assigns the appropriate unit or family physician for home health and dressing services. It is also ensured that the person who will receive home aged care service is taken to the hospital and brought from the hospital.

Mobile Teams on Duty

Home dressing services It is performed by family physicians, health units established in hospitals and mobile teams established within health directorates. Within the framework of home healthcare, they perform blood pressure measurement, serum insertion, injections, blood tests and dressing services. If necessary, a medical report is prepared before the patient is removed from his bed. If the patient needs to buy a medical device, he / she is helped in this regard. If deemed necessary, the patient is provided with an air mattress, air pillow and wheelchair.

Home Dressing Service

One of the aims of home care services is to provide health care services to those in need in their own home environment in the follow-up of a chronic disease.

Home dressing service It is an invaluable service for patients and their relatives when healthcare teams come in for other services.

Evde hasta bakımı zor ve yorucu olan bir durumdur. Aileleri olumsuz olarak etkilemektedir. Ağır bir hastanın hastaneye gitmesi ve bir yerden başka bir yere nakli çok sıkıntı verir. Evde sağlık hizmeti kapsamında, home dressing service için gelinmesi, hastalara ve hasta yakınlarına bir rahatlık sağlamaktadır.

During home patient care visits, the medical history of the sick people is learned first. Their blood pressure is measured, blood sugar values ​​are examined. Patients with bedsores are provided with dressing at home during visits. If needed, drilling application can be done. Transfers from home to the health institution and from the health institution to home are also carried out by home health patient transport ambulances.

What are the Situations where Home Care Service Cannot be Provided?

In accordance with our laws, patients cannot be accepted to home care services in cases described below:

* The application of the requested treatment in the presence of a healthcare personnel, in a home environment, has a medical contraindication by the healthcare institution physician,

* Hasta ve hastalık grubunun evde tedavi yapılması için, gerekli ekiplerin sağlanamayacağı durumlarda,

* Akıl ya da ruh hastalığından veya madde bağımlılığından dolayı hastanelerde tedavi altına alınmasına karar verilmesi durumlarında,

* In cases where the patient or his family does not comply with the treatment conditions and does not fulfill their own responsibilities, the health institution may unilaterally stop the service and terminate the service contract.

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