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The Ministry of Health is planning to expand home health services for all in Turkey "Home 444" line was put into operation. Live operators will welcome citizens for the service, which is expected to operate during working hours. Home healthcare service will not be charged to the citizen who will receive it. The Ministry of Health, which provides home care services in 44 provinces and 235 hospitals, plans to carry this service even further. It has decided to activate the “1 Home” line within 444 month.

The Ministry of Health will provide home care for bedridden and chronic patients in need. Low-income patients who apply will be cared for at home. If they need to go to the hospital, they will be taken by special vehicles and brought back. The medical devices they need will be met by the state.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, approximately 70 thousand to 140 thousand patients in Turkey, lives depending on the bed.

Those with chronic problems such as bedridden, elderly, disabled, cancer, struggle with all kinds of difficulties. Among them, those who do not have money to stay in hospital and benefit from care services are very large. There are also those who do not have a relative to take care of them. For needy patients, this will be a source of hope.

As a result of the application, the teams will go to the house where the decision for home care is decided. At home health service family physicians, established in hospitals home health units and mobile teams established within the health directorates will do so. If the patient has to go to the hospital, the patient will be taken to the hospital and his / her return will be provided.

Home Doctor Examination

Home patient care is a challenging and long-term process. Their families wear down a lot, both financially and morally. In this process, the necessary examinations and procedures must continue without interruption. To do these, going to the hospital, transferring the patient from one place to another may be possible.

Frequent referral of patients with severe conditions to the hospital can be very troublesome. Because of these, at home your doctor It should be a very nice situation for many patients and their relatives to come and examine them. The fact that these services are provided by the Ministry of Health and not charged is a very appropriate decision for citizens with insufficient financial status.

Medical examination at home and private hospitals also provide home care services. Private hospitals, home doctor examination and its services have a certain amount of money. It is suitable for people who are in good financial situation.

No Fee Will Be Charged For The Services Performed

The Ministry of Health does not charge for these services. With the teams established by the hospitals, special care is taken for each patient. Currently these services in every province of Turkey, are provided for free by public hospitals. To apply for this service, it is sufficient to register by calling 444 38 33. After the examination regarding the registration, the home health care it is possible to get.

For the registration, Home Health Service The Application Forum must be filled in and submitted to the Provincial Health Directorate. In the forum, it is necessary to fill in some details determined by the family physician.

Home Doctor Service

Home Health Service After making the application, a visit is made to the home of the patient whose application is accepted. During the visits, the medical history of the patients is learned first. The devices and drugs used are examined. Blood pressure and blood sugars are measured. Physical examinations are made. Patients with bed sores are dressed. If needed, drilling is applied.

Transfer from home to health institution and from health institution to home, at home health Service patient transport ambulances.

Home Doctor Service Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health, home health services Its scope is as follows;

  1. Providing examination, examination, analysis, treatment, medical care and rehabilitation services in the home environment within the scope of diagnosis and planned treatment for the patient.
  2. Prescribing drugs that certify their long-term use with a medical report, without prejudice to special regulations in prescribing the drug.
  3. Assisting in issuing reports on the use of medical devices and medical supplies.

4. Giving information about the duties to be undertaken by the patient and his family in the home care process and the disease and care processes.

  1. Providing services such as training and consultancy regarding the medical devices and equipment necessary for the patient to use at home.
  2. If deemed necessary, the transfer of the patient to the relevant health institution and from the health institution to his home.

Home to the Elderly Doctor 

Home health care for the elderly; It is performed by family physicians, health units established in hospitals and mobile teams within the health directorates. Home health care Serum insertion, blood pressure measurement, injection, dressing and blood analysis services are provided. If necessary, a medical report is issued before the patient is taken out of his bed. The medical device needs of the patient are met and patients can be given air beds, air pillows and wheelchairs.

Home Doctor For Elderly

Family physicians are not obliged to make home visits. For the elderly, home doctor visits, usually hospitals and home health care doctors in their units do.

Recently, municipalities have also home health services they started to establish. It is known that some municipalities have doctor visits to homes for the elderly.

In villages and neighborhoods where there is no health center, family physicians control patients and prescribe them within a certain calendar interval.

What Should I Do to Get Home Health Services?

The patient, patient's relatives or other persons and institutions can call the phone number 444 3 833 or apply for home health services by filling in the "Home Health Service Application Form" or through TSM/AHBs.

What Does Home Health Care Do?

It provides examination, examination, analysis, treatment, medical care and rehabilitation at home of people in need of health care, and provides social and psychological support services to patients and their relatives.

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