Hair Transplant Prosthesis


Hair loss, which is extremely important for humans, is an undesirable situation. However, hair loss occurs due to many reasons. For a certain area, balding can occur as well as with the loss of all hair.

For those who experience hair loss and those looking for a solution, two alternatives come to the fore. Prosthetic hair and natural hair transplantation, are the most preferred.

What is Prosthetic Hair?

Prosthetic hair First, a measurement is made by experts. The hair problem of the person is evaluated and the measurements are taken for the prosthesis. Hair prosthesis, developed from human hair tissue, is prepared. Hair prosthesis is fixed to the bald areas with special adhesives. Hairless areas or sparse areas, prosthetic hair are suitable places for its application. No medical operation is performed, it is used like a dental prosthesis or lens and does not have any problems. However, you know that you have a hair prosthesis on your head. Although it is preferred by some people, prosthetic hair is not a suitable alternative for those who consider their own natural hair.

Prosthetic hair It can be applied to anyone regardless of young, old, male or female. Only children and people with disabilities who cannot care for these hair can be excluded from the application of prosthetic hair. Anyone who wants prosthetic hair can own.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant, It is the process of transplanting one's own hair to the balding area. Hair transplant, it is a natural practice. Hair follicles are taken from the hairy area and hair transplantation is performed on the areas where the hair loss occurs. If this is not possible, hair follicles can be transplanted from different parts of the body. Hair cultivation It is the most preferred because of the transplantation of natural, live and real hair. Although it is seen as a surgical application, the risks are minimal and therefore, it is more preferred. It is performed comfortably and the best results are obtained thanks to expert physicians.

Hair transplantation in operation, First, hair follicles are taken from the nape or behind the ear. These regions are particularly preferred. These areas are the most resistant points of our body against hair loss. The extracted hair follicles are optionally subjected to oxygen treatment and strengthened. Then, in accordance with the forehead line drawn and other borders, the planting stage is started. During this process, no pain is felt. Hair transplantation After completion, normal life is returned with a rapid recovery process.

The fact that hair transplantation gives natural results is the most important reason for preference.

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