Hair Transplant Crack


There may be many problems faced by patients after hair transplantation. One of these problems is the cracks that appear after hair transplantation. Cracks are of different sizes according to the people. Although patients may be uncomfortable with this situation at the beginning, as time progresses, everything becomes good and problems disappear.

What Is Crack After Hair Transplantation?

Crack that appears after hair transplant It is in the form of small channels in the transplanted area and there is no hair follicle in it. These cracks, large and small, appear at the edges of the hair follicles.

Cracks After Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a surgical operation. In the hair transplantation process, channels or holes are opened where hair follicles will be transplanted in the area to be transplanted. Blood leaks out of every channel or hole opened in a certain way. After the hair transplant, the transplantation area is not washed for at least 2-3 days. Therefore, it is not possible to wash and clean these bloods with water. The blood leaking onto the surface of the skin coagulates and dries up and keeps a crust. When blood and crusts dry, it stretches and shrinks. As a result, the crusts in the planting area are separated from each other and cause cracking.

Cracks that occur after hair transplantation It becomes evident from the 3rd day. The most intense days are 5-8. It is between days. Especially, cracks that appear in the first week are seen in many patients who have hair transplantation and are seen as a normal situation.

When Will The Cracks Pass After Hair Transplantation?

As with many problems encountered after hair transplantation, the problem of cracks disappears by itself over time. After the first wash, the cracks will completely disappear in 10-15 days.

When people who have hair transplantation take care of washing their hair, scabs soften and are cleared from the skin. When the scabs are cleared, the scalp regains its normal condition.

15 days after hair transplantation, if the problem of stretch marks persistsIt becomes necessary to consult a hair transplant specialist. It should be acted in accordance with the expert's advice.

What Should Be Considered After Hair Transplantation?

To prevent cracks after hair transplantation and the points to be considered to ensure that these cracks pass quickly;

  • After hair transplantation, the medications given should be used carefully.
  • It is necessary to protect the hair from water, rain and sun until the first washing day.
  • Apply the softening cream lotion to the planting area and wash after 45 minutes.
  • After washing the hair, the shampoo should be rinsed off very well.
  • If the cracks are in deep and large sizes, the help of an expert should be sought and the lotion to be given should be applied carefully.

Is It Normal For Cracks In Hair Transplantation?

Although some problems are the problems that patients generally face, deep cracks may not be seen in all patients. These cracks after hair transplantation It is considered a normal phase of the process.

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