Hair Transplant 2020 Price


The most important factor in determining hair transplant prices is hair transplant methods. The cost of each method is explained differently.

Hair transplantation price varies according to the needs and wishes of the people. For hair transplantation, it is necessary to learn how many grafts are needed and decide which method and which hair transplant will be done.

Hair transplant prices with FUE method start from 6.000 TL. Prices for unshaved hair transplantation with DHI method and FUE start from 7.000 TL. Robotic hair transplantation prices, which allow the FUE technique to be performed by computer, are much higher than other methods. Robotic hair transplant prices are between 20.000 TL and 25.000 TL.

FUE Hair Transplant Prices

FUE hair transplant prices vary between 6.000 TL and 7.500 TL. In the FUE method, hair follicles are collected one by one from the donor area with the help of a micromotor device and transplanted. Today, it is the most used hair transplant method. When compared with other methods, FUE hair transplant prices appear to be more affordable.

DHI Hair Transplant Prices

DHI hair transplant prices range from 7.000 TL to 9.000 TL.

In the DHI method, channel opening and hair follicle placement are done simultaneously with the help of medical pens.

Since medical pens are used in DHI hair transplantation, prices are higher than other methods. However, short operation time provides an advantage.

Hair Transplant without Haircut 2020 Prices

The prices of hair transplantation without a haircut vary between 5.500 TL and 15.000 TL.

Since the hair transplant operation, which is performed without a haircut, takes longer, hair transplant prices are also higher.

Hair Tightening Transplantation Prices

Hair tightening transplant prices range from 2.000 TL to 4.500 TL.

Hair tightening prices are lower than hair transplant prices. The operation takes less time because of the use of much less grafts than hair transplantation in hair densification. Therefore, prices are more affordable than a hair transplant.

Robotic Hair Transplant Prices

Robotic hair transplant prices start from 20.000 TL. In robotic hair transplantation based on the FUE method, graft collection is performed by a computer controlled by a doctor. Due to the use of high infrastructure technology, robotic hair transplant prices are approximately two times higher than FUE hair transplantation prices.


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