What is an Ambulance Airplane? Ambulance Airplane Charter Prices


Ambulance plane, They are vital transport vehicles that race with time and are vital in emergencies. For Organ Transplant and Patient Transplant requests on ambulance aircraft, all equipment required for emergency transportation and transfer, and the medical team are kept ready on board.

Ambulance plane The concept of time is very important in providing. Medical device, medical team and equipment are required. Ambulance planes and ambulance helicopters serve for this.

What is an Ambulance Airplane?

An emergency can happen to people during all kinds of travel, travel and holidays. An accident or illness can turn into a serious problem. In such cases, after onsite first aid, the host country may not have adequate medical care units. Therefore, medical transport of the patient by plane may be necessary.

Aircraft and ambulance planes are provided for medical transport by plane, suitable for the patient's health condition and the distance to be traveled.

Ambulance planes, They are equipped with the latest medical equipment and ensure the care of patients as required. Intensive care patient transfer and patients with less complicated medical transplants are transferred to their countries under the best care and safely.

Medical Transport by Passenger Plane

Patients who need to be transported inpatients can be provided with medical transport service by passenger plane. Since there is no need for intensive care, they can fly on a stretcher and under the control of medical personnel, replacing several passenger seats on the passenger plane. Healthcare personnel intervene quickly in the event of a complication, so that the health and safety of the patient is assured with the passenger plane.

Ambulance Airplane Charter Prices

Ambulance plane Charter prices vary according to the type of aircraft chartered, the distance it travels and the special services requested. Private ambulance aircraft charter companies also offer different prices. These companies charge prices according to the services they offer. By contacting these companies, learning the prices and the services to be provided, the choice should be made accordingly.

Aircraft rental prices of a private firm;

Ambulance Aircraft Charter Turkey Prices- 

İstanbul Ankara 6.000,00€
İstanbul İzmir 6.000,00€
İstanbul Central Anatolia 6.000,00€
İstanbul Eastern Anatolia 8.000,00€
İstanbul Southeastern Anatolia 10.00,00€
İstanbul Black Sea 9.000,00€


Ambulance Airplane Charter Prices - Abroad

İstanbul London 16.000,00€
İstanbul Paris 15.000,00€
İstanbul Berlin 15.000,00€
İstanbul Atina 8.000,00€
İstanbul Barcelona 17.000,00€
İstanbul Dubai 23.000,00€





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