Is There Any Hair Transplant Damage?


Hair transplant operation is the process of taking healthy hair follicles and transferring them to the area where the hair has been shed. Hair transplant procedures should be done by doctors. Hair transplantation procedures performed by experienced and talented doctors give very good results.

Hair transplantation, if not done correctly hair transplantation damages, may occur. Annoying problems may occur with unnatural images.

What are the Harms of Faulty Hair Transplantation?

If the hair follicles are not transplanted with a good planning, separation may occur between the roots or the hair follicles may overlap and cause a fluffy accumulation. In the hair transplant process, the hair is not transplanted in the right angle and direction hair It harms the cultivation. In this style, hair grows like a brush in hair transplantation processes, and an unnatural appearance emerges. Hair transplantation should be done with zero error. If it is not treated carefully, it will cause dire consequences.

It is necessary to pay much attention to the process of removing hair follicles. It is necessary to take hair follicles without any damage and to transplant them without any damage. Damage to the roots in hair transplantation, It causes no more hair to grow in that area. It causes the healthy hair of the person who has hair transplantation to shed and puts them in a very troubled situation. Hair with a risk of loss is ignored and if the hair density on the neck of the patient is low, there is no possibility of correction. Along with the dilution, it causes very serious visual impairment.

One bad result of faulty hair transplantation is scarring in the areas where the hair follicles are taken and transplanted after the application. In the FUT technique, since the hair follicles are harvested collectively, the condition of scarring and to hair transplant damage is in question. In the FUE technique, there is no scar. When the FUE technique is performed by a specialist team, the patient will be satisfied with the result.
In hair transplantation, with the selection of a specialist doctor, the possible damages during the operation are minimized. Hair transplantation is a serious operation that requires experience and skills that cannot be done anywhere. Due to the increasing demand for hair transplantation, there are many organizations that are not suitable for the surgical environment and try to do these procedures at very cheap prices in extremely unhealthy environments. These places, which are opened under the name of hair transplantation centers, are only for commercial gain. hair makes applications that harm patients in cultivation. Hair transplants in such places cause damages that are very difficult to compensate. Patients cannot find someone to address after the problems they experience, since the transplant is not a doctor.

Hair transplant operations should be performed in hospitals under operating room conditions. Otherwise, the patient may become infected. Scalp and hair follicles, may be harmed.

Those who want to have a flawless hair transplant should do a very good research and carefully select the hospital and the doctor.

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