How Long Is Dental Implant Used?

how long is a dental implant used


The life of the dental implant, In addition to the expertise of the dentist performing the application, it also depends on the patient, who will have the implant treatment, to take good care of their teeth. If the treated person does not take good care of their teeth, it is not possible to use implant teeth for many years.

Implant teeth should be known that actually is to have an artificial tooth. If everything is done as desired, it is possible to use implant teeth for a lifetime. It is known that some patients use their implant teeth in a very healthy and trouble-free manner after a good care and control over a period of 15 years.
Problems arise in a short time in people who have problems in their gums and do not take the necessary care.
Natural teeth are our organs that must serve for a lifetime. However, it is always possible for people to lose teeth in their lifetime. Published scientific publications explain that 30% of the dental implants that started to be applied 80 years ago are still in use. It should be known that these are the cases where the patient does very good oral care and cleaning, as well as a good doctor practice. The health of the teeth and gums should be checked regularly and bad habits such as smoking and alcohol should be avoided as much as possible.
Apart from dental implants, the life of modern prosthesis and bridge dental applications, which are other dental applications, is explained as 7-12 years. Dental problems occur as a result of insufficient care and neglect. Same situation, tooth life of your implants also applies to.
Nutritional habits, correct oral care, hereditary status and bad habits that are out of the dentist's control have an effect on the result. Considering the studies in recent years, the life of dental implants With the right care, it seems possible to spread it over many years.
The life of the dental implant Those who want it to be for many years must accept them as natural teeth. It should do the necessary maintenance. These people should go to the controls regularly and should not neglect to brush their teeth by taking care of their teeth.
Regular maintenance and control is required for implant teeth. Implant teeth should be cared like natural teeth and should be brushed regularly. Implant treatment of people who cannot and will neglect personal oral care may cause some problems. Since it is a long-term treatment, one of the most important factors is the careful oral care. After the treatment is over, the doctor's advice should be followed and regular checks should be made.
Dental implant life, In addition to the quality and trouble-free performance of the doctor who will perform the application, the person who is treated depends on the healthy care of their teeth.

Is Implant Renewed?

After implant treatment, it can be seen in some patients that there is bone resorption in the neck area of ​​the implant and the neck area of ​​the implant appears. In such cases, a small operation is performed on this area. By adding artificial bone gum tissue, these areas are repaired and it may be possible to extend the life of the implant in this way.

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