Hair Transplant After 7 Months


For hair transplantation, the donor parts and the parts to be transplanted are determined, the process is started with limited anesthesia. On the first day, there may be pain, redness and bleeding, even if it is a little.

One month later, the hair falls out in the hair transplant procedure. It is a natural situation. He changed the hair structure and started a new era.

After two months, the hair continues to fall out unevenly. There may be in them, non-shedding hair. Shock spill will end slowly. The rash may continue. Acne can be seen in the October area. If it is not too much, this is considered normal.

After three months, the hair starts to appear. Most of the rashes are gone. During the hair growth, itching from the roots and fat forehead may occur.

After four months, hair loss ends in the hair transplant stages. The first hair outlets can be dull and frizzy. Irregular direction exits are prevented by massaging the hair by hand and laying it in the right place. The hair sits slowly and starts to look small.

After five months, most of the hair will complete their growth phase. The newly growing hair will be 3-4 cm in length and gradually become thicker. Correct exit directions begin to form and an elongation to the touch is seen.

Five months after the hair transplant, pimples may increase. The hair should be avoided by comb and should not be shaved with a machine.

After six months, the hair gets the desired look. Incubation periods are completed. During this period, he should avoid shaving the hair with a machine. Hair grows a little longer. The thickening of the hair begins to be completed. Acne also decreases. Given in the 3rd month, the hair growth directions are completely set. The sparse parts become thicker and multiply as time passes.

Hair Transplant After 7 Months 

After 7 months of hair transplantation, becomes noticeable. Hair grows and takes its thickness.

After 7 months of hair transplantation, completes its duration. Men can shave, women can also cut.

7 months after hair transplant, hair grows fully and the thickness fits.

Hair Transplant After 1 Year

The desired result is obtained one year after the hair transplant procedure. People can give the shape they want, shave.

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