5 Months Hair Transplant


For hair transplantation, donor parts and areas to be transplanted are determined, the operation is started with limited anesthesia. On the first day, there may be mild pain, redness and bleeding. On the first day, channels are opened, hair is scraped and dressing is done.

On the 3rd day of hair transplantation, the patient is told how to use lotions and shampoos. The bandage is removed and the head is checked. The first washing of the hair is performed. The scabs on the hair are washed away. In hair transplantation, channels are checked and grafts are placed in their places.

On the 5th day of hair transplantation, the hair is continued to be washed. It is necessary to wash the hair without damaging it and with soft touches.

In hair transplantation, scabs occur on the hair within 10 days. These crusts should be cleared after ten days. Massage is done for 10- 20 minutes with the lotions given by the doctor. It is necessary to clean it gently with fingertips. 10 days after the hair transplant procedure, the scars of the operation are seen to be healed.

1 Month Hair Transplant

After 1 month, the hair falls out in what we call shock shedding. No wonder. This is a natural situation. Up to the 3rd month, hair may fall out and this is normal. Redness on the scalp is reduced. However, it does not pass completely.

2 Month Hair Transplant

In the second month of hair transplantation, hair may fall out irregularly. This is normal. Shock shedding will end slowly. In 2 months of hair transplantation, rashes may continue. Acne can be seen in the October area. If there is not a large number, it is seen normal.

During the 2-month hair transplant period, there may also be dandruff. If there is too much dandruff problems, medication may be required. Vitamin supplements that are good for hair can be taken.

3-month Hair Transplant

During the 3-month hair transplant phase, dandruff may continue. This is normal. Hair begins to appear. Most of the rashes are gone. Hair may itch from roots during regrowth. There may be fat forehead. The hair that has just started to grow will grow thin. As time progresses, this delicacy becomes thicker.

4 Month Hair Transplant

In the 4-month hair transplant stages, the shedding ends. First outs can be dull and curly. Hair sits slowly. When viewed from the outside, the hair can be seen as small. In the 4th month, the care should be continued and the hair growth should continue to be directed.

5 Month Hair Transplant

In the hair transplant process, at the end of the 5th month Most of the hair grows. The new hair becomes 3-4 cm in length and gradually becomes thicker. The correct exit directions have begun to occur.

5 months after hair transplant, There may be a little spillage. There is an elongation in the hair to be palpable.

5 months after hair transplant, acne may increase. It is necessary to avoid hitting the hair with a comb. Shaving should not be done with a machine.

1 Year Hair Transplant

One year after the hair transplant procedure, studies give results. A visible success is achieved by achieving a natural appearance. Patients can shape the hair they want, shave, and use any shampoo and care products they want. In hair transplantation procedures, a very good result is obtained without men and women noticing.

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