Hair Transplant After 3 Months


For hair transplantation, donor parts and hair transplantation areas are determined. The process starts with the application of anesthesia. On the first day, channels are opened, the hair is scraped and dressing is done. There may be pain, redness, and bleeding, albeit a little on the first day.

Hair transplantation procedures continue on the 3rd day. The bandage is removed. For hair transplantation, the head is checked. The first washing of the hair is performed and the patient is informed about washing the hair. The scabs on the hair are washed away.

Hair Transplant 3 Months Later (4th Month)

3 months after the hair transplant procedure, Shedding ends and grafts begin to recognize the hair root. First outs can be dull and frizzy. Massaging the hair by hand to the right place prevents irregular direction.

3 months after the hair transplant procedure, hair will settle gradually over time. Seen from the outside, it starts to be seen as small.

3 months after the hair transplant procedure, It continues to give direction to the hair growing by continuing to care.

Hair Transplant 5st Month

At the end of the 5th month in hair transplantation, most of the hair starts to grow. Some of it grows in the form of feathers or appears under the skin. The correct exit directions have begun to occur. There may be a little spillage. There will be an elongation in the hair to the extent of the hand.

After 5 months of hair transplantation, acne may increase. It is necessary to avoid hitting the hair with a comb. Shaving should not be done with a machine.

Hair Transplant 6st Month

In the 6th month of hair transplantation, the hair gets the desired appearance. Incubation periods have been completed. Hair length becomes 1-2 cm longer. The thickening of the hair begins to be completed. Parts that are sparse become thicker over time and begin to multiply.

Hair Transplant 7st Month

Hair transplantation becomes visible in the 7th month. Hair grows longer and takes its thickness. Between the 1st month and the 5th month, it looks very different. The process of shaving men's hair and women's cutting can be started. In the hair transplant process, in the 7th month, the hair grows fully and its thickness sets.

Hair Transplant 1st Year

The result is obtained one year after the hair transplant procedure. A natural appearance is achieved and a visible success is achieved. People who have hair transplantation can give the shape they want, shave, use the shampoo and care products they want. It is possible to get very good results in hair transplantation procedures for men and women.

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