2 Month Hair Transplant


For hair transplantation, lines, donor parts and sections to be transplanted are determined. The process is started with limited numbing. There may be pain, redness and bleeding on the first day. In hair transplantation, it is necessary to pay attention to sleep status on the 1st day and in all processes. The grafts are very fresh. On the 1st day, channels are opened, hair is scraped and dressing is done.

3st Day Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation procedures continue on the 3rd day. The bandage is removed. For hair transplantation, the head is checked. After the applications are completed, hair transplantation continues from the donor area. The hair is washed for the first time. The patient is informed about washing hair. The scabs on the hair are washed away. In hair transplantation, the canals are checked and the grafts are placed in their places.

5st Day Hair Transplant

Hair is continued to be washed. Hair should be washed with soft touches. When going out, it is necessary to wear a hat to protect from dust and sunlight. The hat should not be put on the head until the end. It may damage the skin. After hair transplant, 5-7. The transplanted hair becomes stronger in days. During this period, itching may be felt. This is a normal situation. It is a sign of improvement. It is necessary to be patient and wait.

10st Day Hair Transplant

In hair transplantation, various scabs may occur within 10 days. These crusts should be cleared after ten days. It is necessary to clean, gently with fingertips. Approximately 10 days after the hair transplant procedure, the scars of the operation heal.

1 Month Hair Transplant

1 month after the hair transplant procedure, the hair is completely shed in what we call shock shedding. This is a natural situation. Hair begins a new era. Hair loss until the 3rd month is normal. Redness on the scalp is reduced. However, it does not pass completely. Hair gets better with washing steps and protection applications.

2 Month Hair Transplant

2-month hair transplant in stages Irregular hair loss can be seen. It may be in the hair that does not fall out. This is normal. Shock spill will end slowly.

In 2-month hair transplant, rashes may continue. Acne can be seen in the October area. This is normal unless there are too many pimples.

2-month hair transplant period, There may also be dandruff. If there are too many dandruff problems, it may be necessary to consult a doctor and use medication. A very small or irregular hair growth can be seen on the scalp. Vitamin supplements that are good for hair can be taken.


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